Pinterest: Use Social Media Optimization in Livermore to Lead Visitors to Your Site

Pinterest: Use Social Media Optimization in Livermore to Lead Visitors to Your Site

Businesses are beginning to take notice of using social media optimization in Livermore. One of the more recent social media platforms getting their attention is Pinterest. Livermore and other Bay Area businesses that learn how to use Pinterest to drive traffic to their blog or website will be ahead of their competitors. Pinterest is used by millions of people each day who engage with the site and quickly share what they find online.

Before you can send traffic to your site, you must open a Pinterest account. Registration will include choosing boards and users to follow. You will then begin creating your first “board” which is a category used to organize your “pins,” individually shared items on Pinterest.  You can pin anything you find on the internet and it will be saved as a photo linked to the original content; it also gives you the option to add comments. Name the board using either a generic, broad topic or with something more specific. It is also important to place your board in a premade categories offered by Pinterest. Once placed in these categories, your board will instantly be viewable to thousands of users.

Unlike other social media platforms, Pinterest includes a link to each website as part of the pin. When a user clicks your pin, it takes them to the original site which creates a valuable “backlink” to your site. When you create new content, be sure to pin it to your own account with a catchy title or photo that will encourage others to “repin” it or click through to learn more. Be sure to include a call to action where you ask the user to click to learn more.

Pinterest does not place many limits on what users pin but some items will get more attention than others. Some pins that regularly fare well on Pinterest are tricks or tips on how to do something, inspirational thoughts or sayings, infographics and tutorials are very well received. Many people like infographics because the thumbnail added to Pinterest does not allow the user to see the entire image. The user is compelled to click through in order to get the full view. This is one content model that will often be pinned over and over that drives traffic to your site.

To encourage users to pin your content, include a “Pin It” button near the content. Add it with the other social networking buttons you use such as Facebook or Twitter. These buttons make it easier for users to pin, like or tweet about something while they are on your site. Even businesses that use social media optimization in Livermore have few followers it can still be worth your while to use Pinterest. Each pin can spread exponentially when one follower pins an item and they share it with their followers, and on.

With 4 million users each day, it makes sense to begin using Pinterest as part of your overall internet marketing plan.


How to Make the Most of 140 Characters

How to Make the Most of 140 CharactersHere is a number: 140. It seems like a large enough number, but it might be surprising to discover how small it really is, especially when it comes to social media marketing in Oakland and other Bay Area cities. Sometimes it is just exactly the right amount to get the point across. There are ways to help make the most of the 140 characters that Twitter allows in tweets.
Remember relevance. Use keywords and optimize for search engines when composing tweets. Use the keywords that are used for the company’s website to help tie them together. Use hashtags inside the tweet instead of at the end to increase their effectiveness. Be current; things online become obsolete at an amazingly fast pace. Do not miss opportunities by taking too long to tweet about current news. Stick to a topic if the purpose of tweeting is to show expertise in an area. Get to the point, creatively, but without being verbose.
Look at length. It does not take much effort to use up 140 characters (spaces count!) so keep an eye on what words and characters are being used. Use a shortener for URLs, such as, to help them to take up less space. There are plenty of shorteners available which you may find with a quick search. Newspaper headlines are a good example of how to get to the point and still catch people’s attention. The more people viewing the tweet means more click-throughs. It is acceptable in tweets to abbreviate, use contractions and acronyms, and replace letters or words with symbols or numbers. Many Twitter users drop vowels and punctuation to help the tweets fit better into the character limit. It may be surprising how much information can be squeezed into 140 characters.
Plan to promote but do it without being overwhelming. Tweet regularly to keep the attention of your followers, but if too many tweets hit their feed, they may stop following. Retweeting is a good way to keep important things in front of your followers. Twitter is a good source for interesting material, and retweeting is not a bad thing if you intersperse it with original content. It may help to use a widget on the company website so others who visit the site will learn about the Twitter feed. Some widgets are helpful for sharing on other social media outlets, as well.

Social media marketing in Oakland – or, really, anywhere – has many facets. Marketing through Twitter should be only one of these. An excellent marketing strategy should include many outlets, including those less restrictive than Twitter and its 140 character limit. Twitter can be a useful tool for internet marketing through social media, but should not be the only tool in the box. Diversification is a wonderful thing!

Learn to Successfully Use Videos for Your Social Media Marketing

Learn to Successfully Use Videos for Your Social Media MarketingHave you watched a video online recently? Then you understand the power of video; how it begs you to stop and watch. Bay Area Online Marketing can help you learn to use videos in your social media marketing with success.

  • Keywords are important – Be sure you have researched and chosen quality keywords for your business website. Then you can use the same keywords in the video descriptions. One of the best places to host videos for social media marketing is YouTube. If you do not already have an account, go ahead and create one. Using the right keywords will help your video rank well. Take advantage of the knowledge you gained by using the same search engine optimization keywords with videos, social networking and business blogging.
  • Be careful how you place keywords – The three most important places for keywords when related to videos are the title, description and tags.
    • TITLES can have 100 characters, so use your most important keywords at the beginning. You may also want to use your business name with trigger words like “how to,” “review” or “about.”
    • DESCRIPTIONS can have 5,000 characters but it is important to use them wisely. Search engines will use this information to index your video so you will want each word to work for you, not against you. Make sure to use the same keywords that are in your title.
    • TAGS only have 120 characters, so you will want to think about what search phrases may be used to find your video. Use words that are relevant and best represent your video. You will also want to include keywords previously used.

  • Consider the way search engines find videos – Obviously Google is the largest and most well known search engine. The same is true of YouTube relating to videos. Be sure to apply the same SEO skills to videos whether you publish them only on YouTube or on non-YouTube pages. This will ensure search engines find and rank your video well.
  • Transcripts can be effective – Not every type of video will benefit from having a transcript created, however, many will. Make the transcript a free download with your video to make the content accessible to the largest number of people possible including the hearing impaired or those having a slow internet connection. Another benefit of adding a transcript is that it is another way for Google and YouTube to find and rank your video.
  • Share your video with your social networks – If you have accounts at multiple social networking platforms, use them to your advantage. Send a Facebook status update with the link to the video, tweet about it and add a business blog about it. The more social media platforms you can use, the better because it lets as many people as possible know about the video so they can look.
  • Write about the video – Writing an article and posting it on your business website, business blog or as a guest post will bring more attention to your video. Be sure you include the Title and Description, as well as the link to your YouTube page, in the article. This is one more step to announce the video, get backlinks to your business website and increase your search engine ranking.

Creating a video and using it with your social media marketing plan is a great way to feature a new service or product. If you don’t understand how to create videos or how to incorporate them into your marketing plan, give the experts at Bay Area Online Marketing a call. They can provide the help you need.

Internet Marketing San Ramon – What Is Effective Internet Marketing?

Millions of people, from around the world, use the internet. They do so for all sorts of reasons, including shopping, researching and staying in touch with family members and friends. Because people spend so much time online, it makes sense that companies have a web presence. Properly marketing a business online can pay off in a major way, specifically as it concerns revenues. Business that are unsure about how to effectively market their product or service online should consider working with a firm that specializes in internet marketing in San Ramon such as Bay Area Online Marketing.

Every company should have a website. It is a necessity in this day and age. It allows them to market to potential buyers while also keeping them connected to their old ones. Companies that do not have a website are thought of as odd. In 2012, there really is no excuse to not be online; all major companies and many smaller ones are. However, it is important to make note of the fact that simply having a website isn’t enough. Companies have to market their website. If they fail to do so, the likelihood that they attract visitors is very small. Companies that receive a lot of website traffic typically do so because they advertise their site. Those that do not market their site will struggle.

In addition to having a website, companies must have a marketing plan. This plan should include who the company is targeting and what methods they are planning to use. There are numerous ways to advertise online. Search engine optimization, pay-per-click (PPC) marketing and social networking are a few. Companies in search of internet marketing should consider these options. Each of these is great ways to get one’s website in front of prospective buyers. Choosing which form of advertising is best will depend on the company and their budget. Some companies will be able to make these decisions for them-selves. Others may have trouble. For those that do, hiring an internet-marketing specialist may be helpful.

Outsourcing internet marketing duties can be extremely beneficial for a company. It allows them to focus on their core competencies while an outside firm that specializes in internet marketing handles that portion of a company’s business. As long as a company does their due diligence and chooses a quality firm, this should work out very well. The company gets the internet marketing expertise they need without having to take on the huge task of internet marketing.

Companies everywhere understand the importance of advertising in order to bring in business. If the company can master internet marketing in San Ramon, they will be a step closer to success. Bay Area Online Marketing can help them in this endeavor.

Tap Into the Power of Social Networking and Social Media Optimization

Social media optimization in the Bay Area: Social networking seems to be all that people are talking about these days. It seems that everyone belongs to a social networking or media website, even big businesses and corporations. The same is true of smaller companies attempting to make a name for themselves. Companies have jumped on the social media bandwagon, primarily because the potential it offers to attract new customers and keep current ones plugged in. However, it is important to note that there is an “art” to social networking. Companies that don’t know how to properly go about it can do more harm than good.

Direct advertising attempts often don’t go over well at social media websites although some do sell ad space (for example Facebook). This is because social networking/media websites tend to be more intimate and social. Attempting to market or advertise aggressively and directly often doesn’t go over well. A company like Bay Area Online Marketing can help any company learn the power of social networking and social media optimization in the Bay Area.

Because it usually takes a while to get the “hang” of social networking or social media optimization, it is sometimes a good idea to outsource this work to a company that has expertise at it. Rather than waste time trying to figure things out, a company can shorten the learning curve, allowing them to benefit from the services of a professional, social media optimization firm. It is important to make a good first impression. If a company fails to, they may not have another chance to rectify whatever mistakes they made.

In order to experience success with social media and social networking, a company must work on branding, consistency and information dissemination. Below are three important things to consider:

a. Branding: It is extremely important that a company brands itself at whatever social networking website they join. This is simple enough. Most sites allow for, and even encourage, such branding. Branding will include, but is not limited to, uploading a logo and having custom wallpaper created.

b. Information Dissemination: Social networking websites are all about disseminating information. They aren’t really about hocking products. The primary exception might be when a company offers really great deals that buyers can’t get anywhere else. For instance, a company could offer special discounts available only to their social networking websites. This is likely to go over well.

c. Consistency: Consistency is also a key to social media and social networking success. Companies need to ensure that their social networking or media websites are updated on a consistent basis. If they are not, their followers or “friends” will become disinterested and will eventually, stop paying attention.

Social networking and social media optimization in the Bay Area can be used with great benefit. Companies can do themselves a service by seeking help from businesses that specialize in social media. They can learn more about branding, information dissemination and consistency and how these things can help them brand their website.

Increase Your Company’s Web Presence: Website Design Development Bay Area

In this day and age, having an online web presence is critical to building a brand. It is one of the best ways to do so. A website gives companies the opportunity to let the world know that they are open and ready for business. Companies that do not have a website will trail their competitors in a myriad of ways. They will be at a disadvantage when it comes to notoriety and subsequently, leads and sales. There’s no reason a company has to go at it alone; they can seek the help of marketing companies such as Bay Area Online Marketing.

Companies can advertise online even without a website. Creating social profiles at social networking websites and then marketing a product or service through them is one option. However, just having a variety of social profiles out there isn’t enough. Visitors will expect the company to have a website. If they do not, potential visitors are likely to view the company with suspicion. Most top companies have a website these days. Those that do not are truly anomalies and are at a serious disadvantage. Websites can be outsourced pretty affordably these days.

Companies have several options when it comes to branding themselves. One option is to go at it alone. This typically works for larger companies that have people on staff that are trained for this purpose. For those that do not have a person on staff designated to handle this type of work, the second best option would be to outsource these duties to another person or firm.

After choosing to outsource website design development in the Bay Area, it will be necessary to choose the right firm. The right firm will be proven and experienced. They will have helped several other businesses build and/or improve their website design and brand. They will also be proven and be able to do good work in an acceptable time frame. A company that has all of these attributes is more likely than not to do what they claim to be able to successfully brand a company.

The internet is extremely popular. Millions of people spend much of their free time online. They socialize with one another, do their shopping and even research various topics. A company would benefit from being online where potential buyers can locate them.

A website is all a company needs to start building their online brand. After they have had one created, they can focus on driving traffic to that website, accumulating leads and earning sales. Companies interested in creating an online brand won’t want to wait. There is so much competition out there, that a company will be leaving money on the table and potential sales to be had, to its competitors.