Hootsuite and Social Media Optimization for San Francisco Businesses

Hootsuite and Social Media Optimization for San Francisco Businesses

Even though many business owners know that social media can be a vital part of their advertising, not as many know how social media optimization in San Francisco can be best used to enhance their efforts. That is where Hootsuite enters the picture.

Hootsuite is an application that allows users to combine their varied social media profiles into one cohesive location. It is a dashboard that allows monitoring, tracking, and management of any or all popular social media outlets, including Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and some other less popular ones, as well. Using Hootsuite to manage these can save both time and effort for a savvy business owner.

Because Hootsuite shortens URLs (the addresses for websites), some potential users are concerned about how it might affect search engine optimization (SEO). The developers of the program believe that not only is it not detrimental to your rankings, it can even be beneficial. It uses a 301 redirect, which is not penalized by search engines and therefore will not cause any problems with ranking based on links.

Some Facebook users wondered if using Hootsuite would make their status updates less available for their followers. Those who want to be certain can use Facebook for posting and track comments and other activity with Hootsuite.

Social media optimization in San Francisco used to be viewed as a different thing from search engine optimization, but they complement each other to the point where they are practically the same thing in today’s world. Social media can be instrumental, and even crucial, in efforts to improve search engine rankings on Google and other search engines.

Hootsuite also contains an analytics system that allows you to view a variety of information about the traffic and ranking of your site. This section is customizable to ensure that you see the information that is important to you. One thing it can tell you is the impact of a post or tweet. This can help you know how to proceed in the future.

A particularly useful feature of Hootsuite is the availability of multiple logins for an account. This allows you to share an account with colleagues at your business without having to share personal login information, as each person can have their own separate login while still accessing the business’s account. This can help especially when the primary account holder is not always available to handle updates and tracking, while another employee is.

At the same time, if you are often unavailable, it is easy to use Hootsuite to schedule updates to be posted later. You can keep your content fresh even when you are too busy to get to your computer. Since you know that social media optimization in San Francisco is important, it is nice to know that it can still happen even when you are out of town.